Mother’s Day – Is a Mother always the first to know?

A Mother’s love for her child is powerful and undeniable.  Whether you’re fortunate enough (or damn lucky, I say) to still have your Mother in your life, or if you’ve lost her, this Sunday, we honor our own and all Mothers. And rightly so.

A mother’s intuition is uncanny. Mothers usually know, maybe before you do, that you’re gay. Whether you’ve ever asked her, wondered, or denied it, a Mother is often the first to know. Just like they know when you’ve done something wrong before you confess, they have an ability to read their children better than anyone else. So often, in touching “coming out” stories, a child will nervously tell his Mother that he’s gay only to hear her say, “I know, honey.”

Also, Mothers are often incredible support systems after coming out. Obviously, each relationship varies, but their tendency to nurture and protect their young can outweigh prejudice. A few months ago, a wonderful story gained a lot of media attention. Amelia, a mother and blogger, announced her support for her 7-year-old son who declared Darren Criss’ character Blaine on Glee was his “boyfriend.” She proudly declared that her son, even at such a young age, would have her in his corner despite his sexuality. You can read more about Amelia and her son here:

In Latino cultures, family is an essential part of our core value system. Mothers are often the moral rock of a family. Their maternal instinct provides members of the family with love, endless support and wisdom well beyond her years.  Our Mothers teach us the meaning of respect, to hold our heads high no matter what, and to believe we are as good, if not better, than any other kid in the neighborhood. Our Mother is the one we look at when we strike out when we’re up to bat (and we tend to look to Dad when we hit the home run).

Mother’s Day is also an opportunity to appreciate the women in your life who may not be your Mother, or even Mothers at all, but have inspired and influenced you in a way that a Mother should. Someone who listens when you can’t hear your own thoughts, provides guidance and love, and supports you through any trial or tribulation. Think of a mother-like figure who believes in you, even if you’ve stopped believing in yourself.

That being said, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Grandmas, Nana’s, Aunties, Mamis, Abuelas and Tias out there. Celebrate and honor all the women in your life this Sunday. They deserve it.

And there it is…


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  1. Susan Santana says:

    Congratulations Troup Consulting!! Very well done! I’m a proud reader of your blog.

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