Alan Turing – The Most Influential Gay Man You’ve Never Heard of


Your laptop. The smart phone. Apple. Google. Facebook.  What do all of these modern day technologies have in common? The answer is Alan Turing, credited by many as the “father of computer science.” A genius maverick of science, Turing is quite possibly the most influential gay man in history that you’ve never heard of.

Alan Turing isn’t a name that one would associate with LGBT rights or in a list of iconic gay influencers. There isn’t an Oscar nominated film based on his life. There’s not much mention of him when we look at the history of the gay rights movement. Granted, his achievements over 60 years ago were rooted in science as opposed to human rights, but Turing is one of the most influential gay men in history… One that you may not have heard of.

Born and raised in England, Alan Turing was a computer science visionary during WWII. He cracked the German Naval Enigma Code, pioneered artificial intelligence and practically predicted the digital age we now live in. His work saved millions of lives, advanced technology and computer science and is renowned as one of the most intelligent men to ever lived.

Though his achievements should have been widely celebrated, a lack of acceptance based on his sexuality overshadowed all of his remarkable accomplishments. During a time when homosexuality was illegal, he was charged and convicted of “gross indecency” and forced into chemical castration. Driven into a deep depression, Turing tragically committed suicide at the age of 41.

Troup Consulting is proud to be working with the producers of the drama- documentary Codebreaker, based on Turing’s life. We are honored to help bring his remarkable life story to a wider US audience. The film follows his personal struggles, incredible accomplishments and the fallout from his government persecution. His story is tragic and inspiring, and reflects a time not so long ago that is so vastly different from the world we live in. It’s remarkable to think that a pioneer of our modern day technology fell victim to a world that wasn’t quite as advanced as he was.

And there it is.


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One Response to Alan Turing – The Most Influential Gay Man You’ve Never Heard of

  1. He helped win the second world war. He was persecuted for being gay. That is why Equal marriage now is so important. We should all be equal in all ways. And, yes, diversity is good for business, good for all people, even the Christian fundamentalists and the persecutors.

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