Unlikely Alliances


As cliché as it is to say it, young people are the future. That’s why it’s fascinating to see two young social movements working together to advance their separate agendas.

In one of the biggest issues to face the young Latino community in recent time, the young LGBT community was fighting then side by side. When the US Congress was considering the ‘Dream Act’, legislation that would provide a fair pathway to citizenship for young people who had entered the US through no fault of their own, young LGBT activists helped to propel the issue to the forefront of the mainstream media.

It’s hard to pinpoint when this once unlikely alliance began, but some believe that the courageous act of Pulitzer prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas coming out as an undocumented immigrant helped. A well-known and trusted journalist, Vargas detailed being brought to the US as a child to live with family and not learning of his undocumented status until attempting to get a driver’s license in his early teens. Vargas is also an openly gay man.

LGBT activist group Get Equal is well known for organizing protests targeting Democratic Leaders including: in former HouseSpeaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, by shutting down the Las Vegas Strip in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s home state, and by chaining activists to the White House fence.

In fact, Get Equal hired a prominent Dreamer who also identifies as queer, a common term for Dream Act activists, to serve as its Field Director. This is likely another key moment in uniting the two movements. Get Equal began organizing protests around the Dream Act, cementing an important alliance between the young contingents of two of America’s most prominent social movements.

This is important to corporate America because it shows that, while niche marketing can yield very successful results, sometimes cross-marketing between two niche markets can also benefit from the social dynamics occurring in the real world. Troup Consulting is proud to live at the intersection of these two dynamic markets.


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