Hero. Genius. Outcast.

I wrote about the film, Codebreaker earlier this year. It tells the story of Alan Turing, easily the 20th Century’s greatest thinkers. Turing wrote about and envisioned technology that was soadvanced in thinking, that we have yet to fully accomplish all of the things he wrote about.

As a leading scientist in the field of computation, Turing was drafted by Great Britain to help crack the German Naval Enigma Code. Using his advanced skills, he was a key figure in deciphering the code, which historians widely credit with ending the war two years early and saving millions of lives.

Instead of being celebrated as a hero, he was prosecuted as a criminal because he was a gay man. The inhumane treatment he received, which led to his taking his own life, was eventually the subject of an apology byBritish Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

It’s been months since I announced TC’s work with Codebreaker and I’m happy to announce that the film is finally close to coming to a town near you. On Thursday, I’ll be attending the New York City Premier of ‘Codebreaker’. There will also be a premier in San Francisco. Tickets are going quickly to both premiers, but you can purchase yours here.

Troup Consulting is also proud to sponsor the refreshments at a screening of Codebreaker at the Out & Equal Conference. This is an annual meeting of LGBT Employee Resource Groups from companies across corporate America.

Filmmaker Patrick Sammon explained why he made the film in a blog post at Huffington Post. Troup Consulting is very proud to work with such a talented filmmaker and to help promote the story of Alan Turing. My parents always told me stories that I could learn lessons from and this story is no different.

And there it is…


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One Response to Hero. Genius. Outcast.

  1. Bryan Brendle says:

    Troup, your posts here are great. You really mix up the topics, covering film, events, history, anything interesting and fun. This blog could have more followers than anyone on Bravo!

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