Dia de los Muertos

Most Americans are familiar with “All Hallows’ Eve.” More commonly know as Halloween, we wear costumes, children canvas the neighborhoods ‘trick or treating’ and adults often host parties. Ghosts, zombies and skeletons have long been traditional Halloween characters.

In Mexican culture, “Dia de los Muertos” is a cultural holiday that is similar to the American Halloween. It translates to “Day of the Dead” and serves as a day to honor friends and family that have passed. Traditional celebrations include favorite foods of the dead as well as building altars to honor them.

Some of the earliest roots of “Dia de los Muertos” can be traced back to the pagan rituals of the Aztec. The roots of Halloween can be traced back to early Celtic culture. Since then, versions of both have spread worldwide, with many countries having their own cultural twist on the holiday. It is fascinating that holidays originating in different cultures still have so many similarities such as honoring the dead.

For our part, Troup Consulting will host a dinner in Washington, DC to bring the “spirit” of “Dia de los Muertos” to friends old and new.  It’s part of what we do, bringing people together through cultural diversity. It’s good for people and it’s great for business.

And there it is…


About troupconsulting

We're Champions of diversity. It's good for society. It's great for business.
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