It Gets Better through Music

Following a string of tragic suicides in 2010, advice columnist Dan Savage and his husband founded the It Gets Better Project. It started with a single video with a simple message to LGBT youth: “It gets better.”

Dan’s initial video inspired over 50,000 videos that have been viewed over 50,000,000 times. From President Obama to professional sports teams to universities to teenagers, it’s hard to believe someone hasn’t been touched by this effort.

Now, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles is taking it to a whole new level. Working with Speak Theater Arts and the It Gets Better Project, they are producing “The It Gets Better Musical Project.” TC’s client AT&T is a long time supporter of the GMCLA, a partner of this groundbreaking event. AT&T has long valued diversity in its businesses and reflects that in the support it gives to the LGBT community.

It’s not surprising that the It Gets Better Project has taken a turn towards the musical. The LGBT community has long embraced music as a means of both activism and education, beyond the obvious entertainment value.  The first gay men’s chorus began in San Francisco in 1978 in response to a call by gay rights icon Harvey Milk for gays to ‘come out’. The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is credited with starting the LGBT Chorale movement, with over 170 choruses worldwide that have been credited with creating social change within their own communities.

Troup Consulting is happy to work with a company such as AT&T to help sustain this tradition by supporting the It Gets Better Musical.

And there it is…


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