TROUP Announces New Client Engagement with Sims 4 PA Political Campaign

Brian Sims and Troup for Blog Post Oct 3 2013


TROUP is pleased and honored to announce its working relationship with a new client, Sims 4 PA, the reelection campaign for Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims (PA – 182). This engagement will allow TROUP to apply our advanced expertise in national fundraising strategy and community relations, while also expanding our reach into the world of state politics.  It is clients like Sims 4 PA that contribute to our success and growth.

Pennsylvania State Representative Brian K. Sims is a policy attorney and civil rights advocate from Center City Philadelphia. The former staff counsel for policy and planning at the Philadelphia Bar Association, he recently stepped down as both the president of the board of directors of Equality Pennsylvania and as chairman of Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia (GALLOP). He also has extensive experience as a guest lecturer.

Sims is dedicated to making Philadelphia safer, strengthening and protecting public education, preserving services for seniors and other vulnerable Pennsylvanians, making affordable health care more available, expanding civil rights for all Pennsylvanians, preserving our environment while investing in alternative energy, creating jobs and cleaning up Harrisburg.

“I’m excited to begin this partnership with my friend, Troup Coronado, and his consulting firm TROUP,” said Sims. “Troup brings a lifetime of experience in government and business that will help me reach people all over the country who want to see more progressive politics in Pennsylvania.”

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, TROUP is a corporate strategy and communications firm.  We provide our clients a roadmap to secure a competitive advantage through diversity and inclusion. The case for corporate responsibility and diversity is compelling and well established – stronger stakeholder relationships, better decision-making, inclusive marketplace and work environment, increased market share and long-term sustainability.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to have this opportunity to support Rep. Sims reelection campaign,” said Troup B. Coronado, Esq., founder and president of TROUP. “Since beginning his first term in office in January, Brian has exhibited an unrivaled commitment to innovative policy solutions on behalf of his constituents, while simultaneously helping promote equality throughout the U.S. and around the world.”

TROUP there it is!


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