Brian Sims’ NYC Reception Photos

Happy Holidays!  Here are some of my favorite pics from the Troup organized NYC reception in support of my client, Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims, held at Marc Cherry’s stunning penthouse last Friday night.  Over 30 people attended the event, including Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane; Pennsylvania State Senator (and Congressional candidate for PA’s 13th District) Daylin Leach; and author, political strategist and civil rights activist David Mixner.  Enjoy!!

Sims 2013 NYC Fundraiser Pic 1

Sims 2013 NYC Fundraiser Pic 2Sims 2013 NYC Fundraiser Pic 3Sims 2013 NYC Fundraiser Pic 4Sims 2013 NYC Fundraiser Pic 5Sims 2013 NYC Fundraiser Pic 6Sims 2013 NYC Fundraiser Pic 7Sims 2013 NYC Fundraiser Pic 8Sims 2013 NYC Fundraiser Pic 9


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