“Love is Changing History”

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Happy Spirit Day! If you’re not familiar, this commemoration takes place each year during LGBTQ History Month. A Canadian teen named Brittany McMillan created Spirit Day – the first observance of which was held on October 20, 2010.

Spirit Day is a visible campaign whereby supporters wear the color purple to increase awareness, recognition and support for LGBT youth who have been victims of bullying.  The color and campaign name are inspired by the purple stripe in the rainbow flag, which represents “spirit.”

Since 2010, Spirit Day has grown by leaps and bounds.  The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is responsible for promoting it, and they’ve leveraged support for Spirit Day from a wide range of celebrities, entertainers, athletes, corporations, brands, media outlets, colleges, universities and non-profit organizations.

GLAAD has coined the term “Going Purple” – which refers not only to wearing purple, but also includes a robust social media and marketing effort.  On Spirit Day, supporters add a prominent amount of purple to the design of logos, images, billboards and photos to illustrate their commitment.

Spirit Day is a wonderful example of a campaign that combines broad social and cultural support with interpersonal and digital networking to draw attention to a pervasive social problem (or to generate support for those combating the problem).

I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to assist my client AT&T with a similarly layered and impactful campaign throughout LGBTQ History Month. 

The “Love is Changing History” project was developed by AT&T to benefit the Trevor Project by demonstrating how LGBTQ love is changing history in everyday life.  The Trevor Project is the country’s foremost LGBTQ youth suicide prevention organization.

“Love is Changing History” is the second campaign developed by AT&T this year dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ community.  The first, “Live Proud” took place during pride month in June – it encouraged supporters to utilize popular social media sharing tools to add to the total AT&T would donate to The Trevor Project.

“Live Proud” exceeded all fundraising goals, and AT&T wrote The Trevor Project a check for $50,000 at the finale event in Los Angeles.  AT&T’s innovative efforts to support the LGBTQ service organizations like The Trevor Project are unmatched by their peers in the Fortune 50.  I’m so appreciative that I get to support a progressive company, which consistently goes above and beyond for the LGBTQ community.

To support “Love is Changing History,” AT&T has created two videos with longtime LGBTQ supporters and activists, Lance Bass and Pauley Perrette.

AT&T will provide the Trevor Project with a minimum of $25,000 up to a maximum of $100,000 based on the amount of social sharing on the “Love is Changing History” website.  Through Nov 11, there are 3 ways for supporters to contribute to this project –

1.        Visit the “Love is Changing History” website,www.loveischanginghistory.com to share the site on Facebook and Twitter and AT&T will donate $1 to The Trevor Project.

2.        Share one of the films from the “Love is Changing History” website on Facebook and Twitter and AT&T will donate $1 to The Trevor Project. 

3.        Submit a story that represents a “Love is Changing History” moment on the website and AT&T will donate a $1 to The Trevor Project.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your support of this important project!

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TROUP Announces New Client Relationship with The Saguaro Hotel Palm Springs



TROUP is thrilled to announce a new partnership with The Saguaro Hotel Palm Springs, a member of the Joie de Vivre hotel collection. Engaged for the second consecutive year to market The Saguaro Palm Springs to visitors during the 2013 Greater Palm Springs Pride weekend, this is the next step in Troup’s strategic effort to promote the hotel to key market segments of leisure and business travelers.

With a buzzing pool scene and vibrant flavor from Iron Chef Jose Garces, The Saguaro Palm Springs offers guests to the desert uncomplicated fun with a splash of 1950s Technicolor.  The Sydell Group is a company built on the idea of sharing, collaborating, and encouraging a creative process that builds a compelling narrative within each of its hotels.  Sydell launched its first hotel collaboration in 2009 with the Ace New York and Palm Springs. Shortly thereafter, they opened the technicolor Saguaros in Scottsdale, Arizona and Palm Springs, California with Joie de Vivre Hotels. In 2012, Sydell opened The NoMad Hotel in New York and in December 2012, they launched Freehand Miami, a premium hostel. 

Headquartered in Los Angeles, TROUP is a corporate strategy and communications firm.  We provide our clients a roadmap to secure a competitive advantage through diversity and inclusion. The case for corporate responsibility and diversity is compelling and well established – stronger stakeholder relationships, better decision-making, inclusive marketplace and work environment, increased market share and long-term sustainability.

“I’m so appreciative of the opportunity to work with The Saguaro Palm Springs during LGBT Pride festivities this November,” said Troup B. Coronado, Esq., founder and president of TROUP. “The Saguaro Palm Springs is one of the most progressive and inventive hotel properties in the world, and I can’t wait to continue sharing their commitment to diversity and inclusion with visitors from all over the globe.”

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TROUP Announces New Client Engagement with Sims 4 PA Political Campaign

Brian Sims and Troup for Blog Post Oct 3 2013


TROUP is pleased and honored to announce its working relationship with a new client, Sims 4 PA, the reelection campaign for Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims (PA – 182). This engagement will allow TROUP to apply our advanced expertise in national fundraising strategy and community relations, while also expanding our reach into the world of state politics.  It is clients like Sims 4 PA that contribute to our success and growth.

Pennsylvania State Representative Brian K. Sims is a policy attorney and civil rights advocate from Center City Philadelphia. The former staff counsel for policy and planning at the Philadelphia Bar Association, he recently stepped down as both the president of the board of directors of Equality Pennsylvania and as chairman of Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia (GALLOP). He also has extensive experience as a guest lecturer.

Sims is dedicated to making Philadelphia safer, strengthening and protecting public education, preserving services for seniors and other vulnerable Pennsylvanians, making affordable health care more available, expanding civil rights for all Pennsylvanians, preserving our environment while investing in alternative energy, creating jobs and cleaning up Harrisburg.

“I’m excited to begin this partnership with my friend, Troup Coronado, and his consulting firm TROUP,” said Sims. “Troup brings a lifetime of experience in government and business that will help me reach people all over the country who want to see more progressive politics in Pennsylvania.”

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, TROUP is a corporate strategy and communications firm.  We provide our clients a roadmap to secure a competitive advantage through diversity and inclusion. The case for corporate responsibility and diversity is compelling and well established – stronger stakeholder relationships, better decision-making, inclusive marketplace and work environment, increased market share and long-term sustainability.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to have this opportunity to support Rep. Sims reelection campaign,” said Troup B. Coronado, Esq., founder and president of TROUP. “Since beginning his first term in office in January, Brian has exhibited an unrivaled commitment to innovative policy solutions on behalf of his constituents, while simultaneously helping promote equality throughout the U.S. and around the world.”

TROUP there it is!

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AT&T Launches “Love, Making History” for LGBTQ History Month

ATT Love, Making History Project


I’m super excited to announce that TROUP client AT&T recently launched “Love, Making History” – a brand new AT&T led campaign to benefit the Trevor Project in honor of LGBTQ History Month.  This is the second major campaign spearheaded by AT&T in 2013 to support the LGBTQ community with which my firm is assisting.  I could not be more proud of my firm’s work with AT&T on the “Love, Making History” campaign.

From now through November 11th, you can join our movement and support the Trevor Project in the following ways:

1.  Visit the “Love, Making History” website, www.lovemakinghistory.com to share the site and AT&T will donate $1 to The Trevor Project.

2.  Share one of the films from the “Love, Making History” website and AT&T will donate $1 to The Trevor Project.

3.  Submit a story that represents a “Love, Making History” moment on the website and AT&T will donate a $1 to The Trevor Project.

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The Potential of Powerful Partnerships to Stop Bullying



The following is preview of the first few paragraphs from a new article I’ve written for StandUp Magazine.  Keep your eyes open for the complete article in October.  Visit http://Standup-Magazine.com for more info.

“Instead of focusing on their individual agendas, collaborative partnerships establish common goals. In order to address problems that lie beyond any agency’s exclusive purview, but which concern them all, partners agree to pool resources, jointly plan, implement, and evaluate new services and procedures, and delegate individual responsibility for the outcomes of their joint efforts.” – Atelia I. Melaville with Martin J. Blank, What It Takes, Washington DC, Education and Human Services Consortium.

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, here are some statistics that indicate just how pervasive bullying is in the digital age –

  • Roughly 30% of all students in the U.S. are regularly involved in bullying, either as the victim or the perpetrator.
  • The highest percentage of bullying incidents involves students in grades 6 through 10.
  • 77% of students have experienced “verbal bullying,” which includes harassment, infliction of mental anguish or distress, and discriminatory or hate speech based on the victim’s race, gender, sexual identity, religion, etc.
  • Of the 77% of students who experienced verbal bullying, 14% had a “severe or bad reaction.”  These reactions include low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts or behavior.
  • 80% of all U.S. high school students have “encountered being bullied in some fashion online. These growing numbers are being attributed to youth violence including both homicide and suicide.”
  • 35% of all teenagers say they have been threatened online on at least one occasion.
  • 50% of teens report having used the Internet to write or share something intended to be mean or hurtful to at least one of their peers (All facts and figures provided by isafe.org and BullyingStatistics.com).

When aggregated, these statistics illustrate that bullying is a systemic problem in the U.S. – one that touches every student and teenager at one time or another.  As with any complex social issue, stemming the tide of bullying requires a sustained, multi-pronged movement that simultaneously engages and unites parents, students, educators, administrators, advocates, law enforcement personnel, government officials and corporate leaders.

With such a wide range of concerned parties, getting everyone on the same page is no small feat.  If you look at other pervasive social problems, collaborative opportunities frequently fall off track because the key players can’t agree on an understanding of the problem, let alone the optimal way to intervene.  Despite these challenges, partnerships have tremendous potential to create positive change when executed effectively.  Whether in politics or activism, I always encourage collaboration over competition.  I’m fortunate to apply this on a daily basis to my work on AT&T’s diverse partnership with the Trevor Project.

Though appearing last in my preceding list of key players, corporations aren’t any less important than others in the anti-bullying movement.  On the contrary, they MUST play a very active, collaborative role if the movement is to be successful.  TROUP there it is!

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Politics and Celebrity: Not-So-Strange Bedfellows

troup image for Sept 19 articleby TROUP

“There used to be a pretty sharp distinction between Hollywood and Washington, but that line has almost completely disappeared. You have celebrities who raise money and endorse candidates. You have politicians who appear on entertainment shows. And so there’s a lot of interchange between Hollywood and national politics.” – Darrell West, Director of Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution in Washington, DC

I’m busy preparing for a TROUP business trip from my current home in Los Angeles to Washington, DC, where I lived and worked for over 15 years.  My professional exposure in DC and LA has given me a unique perspective on the symbiotic relationship between politics and celebrity. Whether it’s the “politicization” of celebrity culture, or the “celebritization” of politics, it’s clear that the connection between these two once disparate worlds is growing closer and closer.  It’s an equally fascinating and fantastical phenomenon that must be appreciated if we’re to truly understand how influence (arguably our most valuable commodity) is accumulated and transferred in the U.S.

According to political columnist Rick Moran, “we can trace the marriage of politics and celebrity to the rise of Hollywood as a national medium in the 1920s. But it was the presidency of John F. Kennedy that witnessed the first real effort to bind the two together and make politicians themselves indistinguishable from movie stars.”

Since Kennedy’s administration, politics and entertainment have become almost indistinguishable from one another.  There was a minor setback in the 1970s when Jane Fonda’s outspoken resistance to the Vietnam War stifled her career opportunities and alienated much of her audience.  Her experience caused other celebrities and entertainers to quiet their political beliefs for a brief time.

Once Fonda’s experience was in the rearview mirror, the mutual fascination between political figures and celebrities started to grow again.  Here are some of my favorite examples that illustrate just how seamlessly leaders living and working in one of these worlds can move into the other –

o   President Ronald Regan evolved from one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors to the world’s most powerful and influential elected official.

o   Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin exited politics after a loss in the 2008 general election only to “reinvent” herself as a reality television personality.

o   First Lady Michelle Obama has become a full-fledged contemporary fashion icon while in the White House.  She has the power to single-handedly elevate a designer’s career simply by choosing to wear one of their garments during a brief public or media appearance.

o   From the West Wing to Scandal, and In the Line of Fire to All the President’s Men, politics is one of the most common settings for scripted entertainment productions.

o   Increasingly, everyday citizens are turning celebrity entertainers like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to get their “political” (satire) news.

o   Political events, like national nominating conventions and press correspondents’ dinners, have become more and more like entertainment awards shows.  In fact, Beyonce’s rendition of the national anthem made as many headlines as President Obama’s address at last January’s inauguration.

o   In the 2012 Presidential campaign, celebrity endorsements were handed out in record numbers, with droves of entertainments lending their names and star power to candidates in the same way they promote products. President Obama enlisted Eva Longoria to motivate Hispanic voters, Lady Gaga to bring out the gays, George Clooney to reassure progressives who were wary after slower-than-expected progress during his first term, and Oprah Winfrey to appeal to everyone else.  Mitt Romney pulled support from a mixed bag of celebrities, including Clint Eastwood, Donald Trump, Jeff Foxworthy, Scott Baio, Trace Adkins and KISS frontman Gene Simmons.

o   On Aug 6 of this year, Fox News released an article entitled Star Politics: Who Leans Left and Who Leans RightThat title pretty much says it all!

TROUP there it is!

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How the Hispanic Community is Stepping Up and Standing Out

flags - sept 12 blog post image


National Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off on Sunday, September 15. I’m proud that my father, Gil Coronado, is known as the “Father of Hispanic Heritage Month.”  This is an annual, month-long celebration of Hispanic culture and history in the United States.  Though President Lyndon Johnson started Hispanic Heritage Week, President Reagan expanded it.  In every year since 1988, National Hispanic Heritage Month has taken place for 30 consecutive days from September 15 – October 15.

The dates of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States coincide with important anniversaries for several Latin American countries, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Belize and others – all of which hold Independence Day celebrations on dates in mid-late September.

The Census Bureau indicates that approximately 50 million Hispanic Americans live in the United States.  That number is projected to grow rapidly over the next 30-plus years, approaching 133 million by 2050 (Michael Olguin, 6 Reasons Marketing to Hispanics Makes Sense, Inc.com, April 10 2013). 

As the population has grown, Hispanic Americans have experienced a dramatic paradigm shift.  Once a demographic recognized more for its potential than its influence, the Hispanic community has changed economically, politically, geographically and culturally.  The proverbial sleeping giant is awake, engaged and increasingly influential!  Here’s what some of my fellow experts have to say about how the Hispanic community in the United States has transformed

Economic Impact: “The Hispanic community understands the American Dream and have not forgotten what they were promised – that in the U.S., a free market system, allows us all to succeed economically, achieve stability and security for your family and leave your children better off than yourselves.” – United States Senator Marco Rubio (R – Florida)

“(The) Hispanic (community) has $1.2 trillion in purchasing power, which is growing at a faster rate than that of African American, Native American, and Asian buying power. The takeaway here: Hispanics have money to spend on the brands they like and want.”Selig Center for Economic Growth, University of Georgia

Political Power: “(In 2012) President Barack Obama won reelection thanks in large part to near-record levels of support from Latino voters, who came out in huge numbers to support him over GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.” – Elise Foley, The Huffington Post

Geographic Expansion: “Though Hispanics have been especially dominant in the Southwest, South Florida, Chicago, and New York City (for several decades), there has been significant population growth in non-traditional geographic markets such as North and South Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Colorado. Additionally, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are now eight states with more than 1 million Hispanics living within them. All this adds up to more opportunities, for Hispanic consumers and the brands marketing to them.”(Michael Olguin, 6 Reasons Marketing to Hispanics Makes Sense, Inc.com, April 10 2013)

Cultural Influence: “Talk of the Hispanic market going mainstream is nothing new. Now there is more talk (and more evidence) about the mainstream going Hispanic. When it comes to measuring the degree of Latino influence on American culture, the jury is in: It is present, it is profound, it is pervasive and it is permanent. More important: It is a shared perspective.  Three out of four Americans agree that Hispanics have had a significant influence on American culture.” – The Hispanic Influence on American Culture, Conill White Paper, 2012

This is proof positive that there is plenty to celebrate during National Hispanic Heritage Month.  How will you celebrate?  Let us know in the comment section below!


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